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Who Are We?

Illinois Association for Career and Technical Education is the only association in Illinois representing all of career and technical education. IACTE is dedicated to providing unified, visionary leadership to advance and promote all aspects of career and technical education.

What Do We Do?

IACTE is committed to enhancing the job performance and satisfaction of its members; to increasing public awareness and appreciation for career and technical programs, and to encouraging growth in funding and support for these programs by communicating and working with legislators and government leaders.

Who Do We Represent?

IACTE has a diverse membership composed of career and technical educators, administrators, guidance counselors and other support personnel involved in planning and conducting career and technical education programs at the middle, secondary, postsecondary and adult levels.

Why Join IACTE?

IACTE Connects You

Whether it’s online or in person, IACTE’s Conference and online communications create a network of colleagues that you can instantly turn to for information and assistance.

IACTE Represents You

Through lobbying, coalitions building, research and image awareness, IACTE serves as your voice in critical policy discussions at the Illinois General Assembly and on Capitol Hill. IACTE represents all career and technical educators.

IACTE Informs You

IACTE provides you with affordable professional development and networking opportunities that will help you grow in knowledge, ability and professional effectiveness.

IACTE Supports You

As the state organization for CTE professionals, IACTE works year round to meet your needs; support and defend your interest; and anticipate the needs you will encounter in the future.

IACTE Recognizes You

IACTE recognizes your dedication and outstanding service through the IACTE Awards Program. 

What Are The Benefits?

  • Influence in a professional association which impacts the future of career and technical education at the local, state, and national level.
  • Interact professionally with industry leaders and business partners at association conferences and events.
  • Receive timely information on state and national CTE issues, grant opportunities, research and news, through the IACTE list serve.
  • Participate in association grass roots legislative network on political action for career and technical education.
  • Receive current information on affiliate activities and current happenings in career and technical education.
  • Participate in professional development activities which provide career and technical educators with the latest teaching trends and technology.
  • Network with other career and technical education professionals in your field.
  • Receive recognition for your accomplishments in career and technical education through the IACTE Awards of Excellence Program.
  • Connect to like-minded colleagues through the IACTE affiliates which have links on the IACTE website.
  • Gain a louder voice in the profession you enjoy.